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Searching for a New Server 2: Windia Again (and other stuff)

Originally Posted by Xiyuuna
o.o It's really just a sever name.

See, that's where you're wrong. You're belittling our server by saying Windia is just a server name. Windia is pride. Windia is community. Windia is hefferheffer. Windia is drama. Windia is all of us.

We are are Windia, not the server. We created our characters here, brought them up together and fought our battles together (sometimes against each other). That's Windia. It's not just a server name. It's a way of Maple Life.

Originally Posted by Xiyuuna
I just don't want to move here and get treated like crap by my own class because I'm an immigrant.

Everyone on Windia gets treated like crap at some point. Don't come here expecting a free pass from it.

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When I use to run the Legit Bowmasters of Khaini Thread ...

This isn't Khaini.

Originally Posted by Xiyuuna
All in all, t like I said I don't want to been seen as an illegitimate player because I moved from another server.

You are choosing to come here. What people do or do not think of you is their choice. You have the advance knowledge to know that this list is not for immigrants. That's your choice if you still want to come here or not based off being included on a list.

Are people....serious!? ROFL!

Why I'm considering moving servers...

Honestly to me, if I want to switch servers I should be able to without some superfluous explanation. I can type out very long and logical paragraphs on the forum that people will half-ass read and put every tedious sense into it.


I know people have like this server pride thing, I would think if someone chooses to move to your server that means there's something GOOD about it. I remember people complaining about Archer Bandwagons, I did not mind that as much as long as people weren't hacking archers, which they were so I deleted the forum work I did for the Top Bowmasters Thread of Khaini, it was pointless, I can't go around deciphering the legits from the hackers anymore.

Except when I ran into a ranked Bowmaster I never seen before I would ask them specific questions pertaining to the class. The most epic moment I had recently was asking a level 127 the level of her Sharp Eyes, she said 0 because it was a pointless skill. (o.o I guess a critical and damage boost is pointless to bowmen) I asked her if she knew what it did and she said your party crits..............................

Immigration in Real Life

I've seen the changes in black neighborhoods, my dad's home town and my mother's home town are slowly being over run with the legal and illegal. Both places are more or less Black Ghettos. Orange in New Jersey is looking better off than Coatesville in Pennsylvania (Drugs have made it go to hell). I'm all for people coming to find a better start with their lives...legally. There are enough people in the United States rich and poor trying to get over on the system. Whether our system is bad or good it's not going to change till leadership improves so working with what we have now our already messed up economy can't handle freeloaders. My only concern is that if Immigrants are moving into black neighborhoods does that mean blacks have moved onto better places or worse places?


Xiyibow is getting sent to Windia, but crap I wanted her to use my white nisrock, I could send her with it and scroll a lesser attack nisrock. I still have a dark nisrock I want to scroll for Xiyuuna. I might wait till I grind Xiyuuna to level 150 (lol yes level 150)

-Getting Caught-

Well, people using duped items on Khaini have been put out of commission. <_< Whether they did or didn't tell anyone about the items they still got...owned lol. One was a major trouble maker on the game, an internet tough guy named Saiieem. He account was permanently banned. The same day he got permabanned several of Khaini's high level and some low level guilds were all invaded by a hacker. Rather Sad. I live in Parkesburg, PA. I'm going to start making plans to travel abroad since Art School did not work out for me.
I was going to draw this but I opted for this look. n_n I feel like I can draw again.

Also, I should finish retyping my Xiyuuna story. o.O I might turn it into a slight graphic novel.

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